Knee Kinesiography exam with KneeKG™

KneeKG is the ONLY reliable, reproducible way to assess dynamic misalignment of the Knee

Learn how Knee Kinesiography with KneeKG helped Laurent Duvernay-Tardif to understand his knee pain and enter his NFL season pain free

Meet Lisa, a 60 year old patient


Severe OA Right Knee
Medial Tibio-Femoral & Patellofemoral

MSK Findings

- Glutes (abductor/extensor) weakness
- Quadriceps weakness and atrophy
- 10° Static knee contracture (flexum)
- Slight inflammation
- Poor proprioception/balance

What has been proposed to Lisa ?

From MD :

- Weight loss
- Unloading brace
- Pain management
- Injections (Steroids, Hyaluronic Acid, etc.)

From PT :

- Glutes Strengthening
- Range of motion...

Did you know that Dynamic Misalignment of the Knee Joint is a key factor to consider in the treatment plan?

Which Dynamic Misalignment Category would you choose to best describe Lisa’s knee joint?

Neutrally alignedVarus alignedValgus alignedVarus thrust

Over 500 health professionals were interviewed (surgeons, physical therapists, sports medical doctors) and asked that question.
Their response are as follows:
- 1/3 SAID : Neutrally aligned
- 1/3 SAID : Varus aligned
- 1/3 SAID : Valgus aligned
- 0 SAID : Valgus thrust/flexum/rotation

This demonstrates the Visual Assessment Challenge that you have as Knee Expert!

(Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Physicians/PAs/NPs, Physical Therapists)

Dynamic Misalignment is a Challenge to Measure

KneeKG is the most reliable way to detect Knee Joint Dynamic misalignment

  • FDA Cleared, Health Canada Cleared and CE Marked
  • KneeKG has been in over 100 publications
  • Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial available (Cagnin et al. 2019)

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How Can KneeKG Benefit Me?

Bruny Surin began experiencing knee pain in 2014. He was evaluated by his doctor and had a Knee Kinesiography with KneeKG.

According to Surin, “the biomechanical explanations were related to exactly how I felt. This direct correlation encouraged me to do the suggested exercises. Indeed, a retest in 2019 showed all the factors related to the progression of OA of the knee had disappeared.” “I am eager to endorse KneeKG. It’s an extraordinary device for anyone experiencing knee pain,”

Knee Kinesiography Results

  • Dynamic flexion contracture Corrected
  • Static and dynamic Varus alignment Corrected
  • Internal tibial rotation during weight-bearing Corrected

“Following the recommendations based on the KneeKG made a big difference. It is a great relief that I can continue being active without pain or painkillers!”

*Bruny Surin*

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